Sawumma Arachchilage


Kelween was born and raised in Sri Lanka. He has always been passionate about Natural gemstones and people love listening to him because he has a vast knowledge, intuition and love for the stones. He always tries his best to find stones on special request, travelling many kilometers and many days to find the best.

He takes great care sourcing them and this means we have the finest gems to offer you.

He also spends time in Hong Kong.

Shelagh Gunn


Shelagh pent her early years as a nurse before becoming interested in alternative medicine. She loves Natural Gemstones for their beauty and energy. There were always certain stones she was drawn to and over the years she realised that it was the “energy” of the stone that she recognised. As we all know energy comes in many forms, light and heat for example.

This knowledge is not new to old cultures. They have always valued gems as having a positive influence on the wearer. After many years, meditation became a natural daily practice for her and this, with the gemstones, has had a huge beneficial effect on her reflexology sessions.

Vivian Chow


Vivian is a qualified accountant running consultancy business in Hong Kong. She is very passionate about natural gemstones, always amazed by the fascinating color of the nature which led her to explore and learn more about different knowledge of gems.